Company of ‘’Evroforest MMO is established at 1997.The location of factory and offices is 6161 Dolno Sahrane ‘‘Hristo Botev’’1 street.President of company is Mr.Mustafa Yıldırım and he is the founder of it.


Beech is very common to Central Bulgaria and it is important thing for our production.It is general material of production of Beech veneer,Beech parquet and different pressed details for furniture industry.


First established the main production of our company was production of Beech and Oak parquet and our customers were Bulgarian market,Turkey and EU.


In 2000 our company did investment for Veneer production machines and required equipment.There are two known methods for producing veneer-peeling and cutting it.We are ‘‘peeling’’ the veneer.This material is used by furniture industry,and especially pressed details for furnitures.


In the very beginning we were supplier of veneer to another companies,but in 2005 we did another investment and bought required equipment to do pressed details by ourselves.


In 2013 we did modernization of our equipment for peeling veneer.We have bought new and modern machines with European programs for competitiveness of small and middle companies in Bulgaria and European Union.


In the beginning of 2016 we did next phase of our investment plan and we have bought another machines and that gave us better working conditions and safety for our employees in the factory.


Our employees are highly qualified and they are having regular education about modern methods in wood processing industry.That’s why our employees are satisfied and they are giving their best to do best product as possible.And that product is a guarantee to satisfied customers having their orders delivered on time.


We would like to thank our employees to working hard from the very beginning.We would like to than to our customers for being part of us .Being correct with your employees and customer is a key to success…


...and is working same way since 1997.

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