From the time of Adam and Eve people are relied to the nature. Since that time nature were major source of wealth for human beings. Right and rational usage of that wealth helped us nowadays to find needed raw materials.It is our duty to continue that rational usage to give the same wealth to generations after us. That’s why WE from ‘’Evroforest MMO’’ always are treating the nature and especially forests with such a great respect.In our factory while manufacturing veneer or parquet we are doing our best to use 100% of logs, which helps to preserve natural and clean environment.This is rule number one while ‘’bringing forest in your very own home’’. We suppose to give it to next generations and inspire them to feel the forest in their homes.It is part of our traditions to make what it needs to regenerate and preserve the forests, because we need it as animals need it. Whole flora and fauna is in our hands and ‘’Evroforest MMO’’ and we are giving our contribution with selecting suppliers which are legal and they are following regulations of EU and the World.Since 1997 we are supplied by companies which are FULLY guaranteed by the state in which they are doing logging (mostly).


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